Myth #1: Electric Bikes are for lazy people.

In the USA, there still exists the stigma that eBikes make people lazy while every bit of information on the subject points to the opposite being true. Ebike help people to be active, stay active, ride longer, commute by bike and just ride more. For hardcore cyclists, an electric bike is cheating your body of the exercise it needs to be healthy. For everyone else, it provides the motivation, security, safety and newness that makes riding more enjoyable than ever before.


Myth #2: Electric Bikes are too expensive.
This isn’t necessarily a myth. Ebikes can be very expensive. However, to get a high quality electric bike to commute or for fun, you don’t have to pay a fortune. In fact, Prodecotech has made a niche of providing the high quality American-built e-bikes with top of the line components at incredibly low, affordable prices. The reason for their focus on keeping the quality high and the prices low are that to create a movement in America, you need to create a powerful product at the lowest possible costs.


Prodecotech is currently offering high quality electric bikes with powerful 400 Watt motors for under $1300. It also comes with a 2-year, non-prorated warranty. Ask any other ebike company what their pro-rated warranty means and watch the salesmanship at work. At ProdecoTech, our 2-year warranty on the battery is non-prorated, meaning it is a real warranty that we stand behind 100%. The industry standard is one year, prorated. This means if you have an issue with your battery, it better happen quick, and before you have used it very much or you will not be getting much of a credit or refund. While low cost options often revolve around purchasing an inexpensive electric bicycle kit, which consists of an electric bike motor, a battery for the electric bicycle and instructions, this is often not the best way to have a truly solid, well-functioning e bike.


Myth #3: Electric Bikes aren’t safe.

If you are the furthest thing from a mechanic and just slapped together an eBike from an eBike kit because the infomercial told you it would be easy, you may not have the safest electric bicycle on your hands. For the most part, the safety issues with electric bicycles revolve around the traffic conditions and bike path accessibility as opposed to the build of the eBike. As long as you obey the rules of the road/trail, eBikes are as safe as a regular bike. Some consider it even safer as it can give you that extra boost to get you out of harm’s way. It also can help those who may not be able to operate traditional bike properly due to a physical disability or injury.


ProdecoTech is an e bike company working hard to dispel the myths and to educate Americans about the importance of eco transportation and bike commuting. Most Americans also don’t know that there is an American brand of electric bikes that is the one creating the most waves in the industry. Prodecotech is the leading e bike manufacturer in the USA and they are innovators in the electric bicycle industry because of their incredibly high quality builds and incredible low prices.


It is ProdecoTech’s mission to bring high quality electric bicycles to the USA and to make e bikes an acceptable part of the American daily commute. ProdecoTech simply works to make e-bikes in the USA a convenient, accessible, eco-friendly transportation option.